Choose one apetizer (« entrée » in french), one entrée (« plat » in french) and one dessert (same in french!).



You would like to try some of the original and exceptional French dishes?

You wish to create a French menu on a specific theme (birthday, Valentine's Day, Skiing, Return of fishing, ...), choose your personalized menu among the 46 recipes of the Bon Appétit’s card.

Can not find what you're looking for? No problem, contact me and tell me which French recipe (s) you want to achieve!



You can choose between:

> IN YOUR HOME: If you want to share a special moment with your friends: you invite friends, you choose the menu of the tasting!


> IN MY KITCHEN IN SANTA BARBARA: If you want to share and meet some other greedy, you will be welcome in my kitchen and dining room in Santa Barbara for a tea time or for happy hour!

1) Choose your apetizer:

French tradition


Mousseline de foie Liver mousse

Soupe à l'oignon Onion soup

Bouchées à la Reine Bouchées garnished with bechamel sauce, mushrooms and chicken

Champignons farcis Stuffed mushrooms

Velouté aux champignons Mushrooms velouté

Quiche lorraine Cream and bacon quiche

Flamiche aux poireaux Leek quiche

Velouté de potimarron Brown pumpkin velouté 

Asperges sauce mousseline Aspergus with mousseline cream sauce

Œufs mimosa Eggs mimosa

Breton tradition


Huîtres gratinées Oyster gratined with shallots, cream and Pastis)

Moules farcies Mussels garnished with garlic, butter and parsley

Noix de St Jacques à la bretonne Scallop cooked with butter, shallots and wine

Terrine de saumon Salmon terrine

Œufs gratinés aux crevettes Eggs gratined with shrimp

Velouté de chou fleur Cauliflower Velouté

Maquereaux au Muscadet Mackerel fish cooked with white wine

Pâté breton Pate prepared with pork, onions, garlic, shallots and wine

Tarte aux oignons de Roscoff Onions pie

Feuilleté au camembert Cheese pie

Provençal tradition


Petits pâtés de Pezenas Small pate in a crust

Soupe au potiron Pumpkin soup

Artichauts à la barigoule Artichoke prepared with garlic, onions, carrots and olive oil

Salade niçoise Mediterranean Combination Salad

Loup au basilic Carpaccio with sea dog and basil

Tielle Cooking pie garnished with squid, garlic and tomatoes

Caviar d'aubergine Eggplant caviar

Pissaladière Onion tart with anchovies and black olives

Petits pâtés au thon Small pâtés with Ttna

Tarte tatin à la tomate Upside-down tart with tomatoes

Savoyard tradition


Velouté de potiron aux châtaignes et tomme de savoie Velouté with pumpkin, chestnuts, and savoie cheese

Tartine savoyarde au reblochon Bacon, cheese and potatoes pie

Tartelette savoyarde Small pies garnished with eggs, smoked ham and potatoes

Velouté de châtaignes Velouté with chestnut

Soupe savoyarde Leek, turnip, celery, potatoes and milk soup

Crème brûlée à l'emmental de Savoie Cheese hot cream

Vegetarian cooking

2) Choose your entree:

French tradition


Blanquette de veau Veal stew with onions and mushrooms

Steack frites à la parisienne Steak and french fries with sauce roquefort or beurre maître d’hôtel

Paupiettes de veau Braised stuffed veal rolls

Bœuf bourguignon Beef stew in red wine, with bacon, onions, and mushrooms

Navarin d'agneau Lamb stew with spring segetables

Pot-au-feu Boiled beef with vegetables

Hachis parmentier Mince meat with mached potatoes

Tomates farcies Stuffed tomatoes

Dinde aux marrons Turkey stuffed with chestnut for Christmas dinner

Poulet marengo Marengo chicken

Breton tradition


Lotte à l'armoricaine Burbot cooked with tomatoes, garlic, onions, shallots and wine

Kig ha farz Pot-au-feu with pork stew and whole flour bread cooked in the vegetable broth

Galette complète Breton crepes prepared with whole flour and garnished with egg, ham and cheese

Moules marinières Fresh mussels steamed open in wine and flavorings

Choucroute du pêcheur Cabbage cooked with fishes and shells

Homard breton à l'américaine Lobster simmered with wine, tomatoes, garlic and herbs

Ragoût au homard Lobster stew

Andouille sur lit de poireaux Breton smoked sausage cooked with leek

Pintade aux pommes Guinea hen prepared with apples

Gratin de chou-fleur | Cauliflower gratin

Provençal tradition


Petits farcis provençaux | Stuffed vegetables

Carré d'agneau des baux de Provence | Lamb stew with tomates, olives and bacon

Encornets farcis | Stuffed squids

Bouillabaisse | Mediterranean fisherman’s soup

Cassoulet | Beans baked with pork loin, sausage, and preserved duck legs

Ratatouille | Eggplant casserole with tomatoes, onions, peppers, and zucchini

Gigot de mer de Palavas | Burbot gigot cooked with southern vegetables

Thon à la catalane | Tune stew with tomatoes, garlic and peppers

Daube provençale | Beef stew cooked with onions, olivs, carotts and red wine

Poulet basquaise | Chicken with tomatoes, red and green peppers

Savoyard tradition


Tartiflette | Gratin with bacon, onions, potatoes, and reblochon cheese

Raclette | Assortment of cold meats, potatoes and vegetables with Raclette cheese

Quiche savoyarde | Quiche with bacon, potatoes, onions, and reblochon cheese

Poulet aux écrevisses | Chicken with crawfish

Escalopes de poulet gratinées au beaufort  | Chicken cutlet gratined with cheese

Gratin dauphinois | Scalloped Potatoes with Milk, cheese, and a pinch of garlic

Vegetarian cooking

3) Choose your dessert:

French tradition


Paris Brest | Cake prepared with a choux pastry garnished with praline cream

Millefeuille | Alternating puff pastry and pastry cream with a vanilla and chocolate glaze

Profiterolles | Pastry choux garnished with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce

Opéra | Pastry cake garnished with chocolate ganache and coffee cream

Baba au rhum | Rum Babas

Saint-honoré | Cake prepared with cream puffs

Tarte Tatin | Upside-down apple tart

Galette des rois | King’s griddlecake

Bûche de Noël | Christmas yule log

Breton tradition


Kouign amann | Breton cake with sugar and butter

Far breton | Breton traditionnal cake with crepes batter

Crêpes suzette | Crepes with orange butter, flambées

Gâteau breton | Breton cake

Crème brûlée | Creme brulee

Tarte aux fraises | Strawberry pie

Tarte aux pommes au caramel au beurre salé | Apple pie with caramel and butter

Cake au citron | Lemon cake

Riz au lait | Cake with milk and rice

Gâteau de crêpes | Crepes cake

Provençal tradition


Fougasse d'Aigues Mortes | Sweet bread perfumed with orange flower

Tropézienne | Brioche with pastry cream

Tarte aux figues | Figs pie

Crème catalane | Catalan cream

Tarte au citron | Lemon pie

Tarte aux pignons | Pine kernel pie

Bras de Vénus ou du Gitan | Yule log with orange cream

Tarte des vendanges | Grape pie

Charlotte aux fraises | Strawberry lady fingers cake

L'Arlésienne | Apricot, raspberry and frangipane pie

Savoyard tradition


Tarte aux noix | Nut pie

Rissoles aux poires | Pears cooked in a pan

Sabayon | Syllabub

Vacherin | Ice cream and french merringue

Vegetarian cooking



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